How was your weekend running?

With the summer in full swing now is the time to take advantage of the weather.

With the summer in full swing now is the time to take advantage of the weather.
After a few weeks of last-minute-marathoning, recovering, and holidaying in Japan, it’s time to restart.

I’ve been doing little but easy running – and not all that much of that. So on Saturday it was time for my first track session in a few weeks. I’d forgotten how quickly you get out of the habit – it wasn’t so much the reps (1500ms, ugh) as the fact that for the entire afternoon I felt like each limb suddenly weighed four stone more.

Obviously my brain was suffering from some kind of oxygen deficit too as I nevertheless decided this was the ideal time to embark on massive spring clean of the house. Fool.

But though it is still just spring, I’ve got an autumn marathon target in mind and that’s not (alas) going to run itself, so it’s time for me to get back into proper training. And – horror! – going easy on the cake for a bit too.

Anyone who is in our Strava group (please join if you aren’t) can look forward to me whimpering virtually after Tuesday track sessions and Thursday tempo runs – and all the rest. Now if that doesn’t tempt you to join .

Meanwhile, the race season is starting to get to the shorter stuff for distance runners – 5km, 10km – and the mile season beckons. The nice thing about all those distances is that you can, if finances and time allow, string together quite a few of them over a summer.

Recovery is quick, so if it doesn’t go quite right, you can enter another. I’ll be doing the Vitality 10km (formerly known as the Bupa 10km) so do let me know if anyone else is, and fancies a meet updute.

Finally, anyone in London this coming Saturday should most definitely head to Parliament Hill for the Night of the 10km PBs. This brilliant, free and fun event is now not only a place to drink beer while watching the best of British runners, but the official Olympic Team GB trials. Come and cheer in an outside lane – did I mention it’s free?

So over to you. How was your weekend running? Racing, race planning or training, or just enjoying some Vitamin D? Comments, suggestions, inspiration below the line as always, please.

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